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Your Virtual Desk, your professional solution "à la carte"


Your professional environnement entirely dedicated to your work, accessible from everywhere


With the In2TheCloud's Virtual Desk, you can acces from everywhere to your entirely dedicated to work cloud space. This way you are able to separate your personnal and professional and you can work from home or from the office in serenity.

Your datas saved and stored in security on our servers 


With the storage and the securisation of your files in to the Cloud, you will not be afraid to lose your datas in case of breakdown anymore. You juste need a browser to find back all your files and applications stored on our servers.

Your flexible workplace accessible for every of your collaborators


No matter the size of your company, your In2TheCloud's virtual desk is perfectly fitted to work alone or in a team. The innovative sharing fonctiunnalities and the flexibility of the In2TheCloud's Desk solution will garantee you the entire satisfaction of your professionnal needs.